Russian Checkers (Shashki)

Russian Checkers is by far the most developed version of the three (Russian, Brazilian and Pool) types of checkers.
It was the Russian Bakumenko whose books revolutionized Brazilian Damas in 1930's, and it was the Russian Kaplan whose books modernized Pool in USA in the 1980's.

Not surprisingly most of the content on this site came from Russian sources. This means that 99% of the shots work both in Pool and Russian checkers, and that one can use the presented material to learn both games. This is true for shots and endings - but not for games where Russian Flying King often makes a big difference.

Yet - it is the great games that teach us the most, give ideas and understanding. So what if somewhere, in some minor line, there is a Flying King shot? We will miss so much by not having an opportunity to study these games, especially if commented by great Grandmasters. Therefore this section is dedicated to Russian Checkers, "as is".
Recommended Russian Books
Nikolay Abatsiev Kukuyev's Gambit (Pitch and Squeeze)
Yuri Arustamov Selected Games
Boris Blinder Draughts Etudes
Boris Blinder
Alexander Kosenko
Middle Game
Marat Kogan
Alexander Kosenko
Selected games by Marat Kogan
Alexander Kosenko
Mihalskiy S.S.
Selected game of players in Ukraine
M. Fazylov My Selected Games
Andrey Ivanov About checkers and about me
Nikolay Kukuyev 125 Draughts Endings
Yuri Kirillov (gamlet) The Art of Defense Book 1, 2
Victor Litvinovich
Nikolay Negra
Course in Openings Found errors
Victor Litvinovich
I. Perchenok
School of Positional Play
Vladimir Malamed Ending Course (Draughts 64 + 100)
Andrey Nikolayev Rock (Urals)
Vladimir Vigman The Joy of Creativity
Vladimir Vigman My Big Game (sample)
V. Vysotskiy
A. Gorin
Encyclopedia of Openings, volumes: 1, 2, 3, 5
Zinoviy Zirik Checkers is my life
Aron Zlobinskiy Reversed Kol
Aron Zlobinskiy Amazing checkers
Aron Zlobinskiy Contemplations on the checkerboard
Zlobinskiy, Kostovskiy Kuperman - Russian checkers
E. Zukernik Anthology of shots
Great Russian Grandmasters
Abatsiev Kolesov
Abaulin Kuperman
Arustamov Litvinovich
Belosheev Plakhin
Blinder Rakhunov
Dashkov Shvartsman
Dosca Skrabov
Gabrielyan Sokov
Golosuev Vigman
Kandaurov Zirik
Kaplan USSR 1986
Kogan USSR 1991
Pitch & Squeeze  

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