The World of Pool Checkers / Draughts


I've been creating checkers sites since the end of 1990s, with the emphasis on learning the game but also assisted others in creating their sites.
This site is intended as a unifying stage for players and federations in various countries to communicate with each other, pursue common goals and promote the game.

Jake Kacher
Los Angeles, California, USA

Jake, Thanks for being the teacher you are and for all the gifts in checkers that you have contributed to the checkers world through the years. You have been unselfish and gracious. Always available to share what you have with those seeking a better understanding of our game. You have traveled and learned and taught and then have always shared what you have received. Be marvelous blessed in whatever you do and share with us more as time permits. Blessings forever.

Dr. Ervin Smith, President Emeritus
The American Pool Checkers Association
December 30, 2012