The Boyko's Position

by Aron Zlobinskiy
January 30, 2004
What you are about to see can not but admire.
Black are a man up but the white checker on 7 is a half a step from becoming a king. And despite every logic, black invite white to king!

The author of this position is Sergey Boyko from Kharkov, Ukraine - one of Zinoviy Zirik' best students.

1.06-10! 07-02
2.14-18!! Lightning from a clear sky! 23:07
3.01-06 02:09

What have black achieved?
They are now a man down and the white man is still on 7.
Besides they lost the move too.
On 4...28-24 or any of 26-23, 26-22, 25-22 black win with 5.08-11

On king 4....07-02 black win via
5.12-16 02:20 6.08-11 20:17 7.13:31

The reason for the loss - zugzwang.

But is that all?
What if white move 4...21-17?
5.14:23 07-03 6.23-27 with an easy win (23-26 leads to a long win).