Archive Notes

by Aron Zlobinskiy
April 29, 2004

If not for the white checker on 22 black's position is superior having blocked opponent checkers on all sides (checker on 21 blocks the whole side) - if the man on 18 was on 13 then the simple 1216 would end the game.

But, as it is, the threat of 22-17 seems impossible to defend against.
What would you do here? How would you play for black?

1.12-16! 22-17 2.18-22! 17x26 (other jumps quickly lose)
3.03-07 25-22 4.07-10 22-17
5.14-18! 23x07 6.11x02 20x18 7.21x32+

My first teacher, Marat Michailovich Kogan, one of the famous Kiev's trio of champions Kuperman/Kaplan/Kogan, ran a small checkers school - with so many kids applying he devised a special test -  only those who solved this position were accepted - they would even immediately get the 1st Junior Grade!

1.03-07! 12-08 2.13-17 21x14 3.07-10 14x07 4.02x04

This idea is not new - in fact it was published in the 19th Century in the St. Petersburg newspaper which had a Checkers page edited by V. Shoshin. This one is the latest variation of the shot, composed probably by the late Master Rappoport from Israel.

We normally say "Black to Move and Win" - here we can say "Who moves wins!"
White move: 1... 15-11 2.08x15 21-17 3.13x22 25x02
Black move: 1.09-14 15-10 2.13-17 20-16A
3.07-11! 16x07 4.08-11 07x16 5.14x07 21x14 6.07-11 16x07 7.03x17
A. 2.... 10-06 3.07-10 06x15 4.08-11 15x08 5.03x12