The Eternal Adversaries

by Aron Zlobinskiy
May 23, 2004

So far we offered the "translated" versions of the great games played by the two Russian giants - Boris Blinder and Zinoviy Zirik.

Pool version: 1947 game   1951 game  1960 game

But converted these games lose many aspects that do not work in Pool. Here you can see these same games in all the original splendor!
Remember that the Russian checkers (Shashki) has one additional rule -  the Flying King - "if during the jump the simple checker touches the king row it automatically becomes the king in flight and continues the jump as the king without stopping". Otherwise the game is the same!

We also preserved the original "chess" notation - it would help our players gain familiarity with this style of recording in order to open thousands of available games to them!

Russian version