The Eternal Adversaries

by Aron Zlobinskiy
May 23, 2004

So far we offered the "translated" versions of the great games played by the two Russian giants - Boris Blinder and Zinoviy Zirik.
As "translated" or "converted" these games lost many aspects that do not work in Pool.

Pool version: 1947 game   1951 game  1960 game

But now you can see these games in all the original splendor!
Remember that Russian game (Shashki) has a flying king - meaning that a checker jumping through the king row ALWAYS becomes a king - and it continues the jump as a king! Otherwise the game is the same!

We also preserved the original "chess" notation - it would help our players gain familiarity with this style of recording in order to open thousands of available games to them!

Russian version