Checkers Compositions / Problems

Checkers Compositions (or Problems) are positions created by checkers composers.

There are many types of compositions - shots, endgames, lock-ups, give-away, etc.
There are many tournaments where composers compete for various titles and they have very specific rules governing compositions.

A successful composition would often have a play and a counter play, hard to find moves , new ideas and the only ways to win.

Our good friend Aron Zlobinskiy sent in one of his compositions as an example, with admiring words by the greatest American composer Alexander Rom, who lives in Dallas, Texas -
"A first-class miniature! Excellent play and the counter-play!"

A. Zlobinskiy, New York    
1.6-9 5:21 2.1923
2...28-24 3.23:32 24-20
(counter play)
4.32:14!! 20:4 5.13-17!
(counter counter play!)