04/09/05 - Editor: C. Thompson
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The Homan Sq. Pool Checkers and Chess Club
of Chicago
Homan Sq. Community Center
3559 W. Arthington St.
Chicago, IL.
Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri. 2:30 - 9:00 P.M.
Phone - 312-746-6650
Pres. Charles Thompson


A Special Edition 4/09/05

The Chicago Open
April 15, 16, 2005
Homan Sq. Community Center

A Final Look!

The Club will be open Thursday, April 14, 2005, from 2:30 -8:30 P.M. for those visitors/guests who just want to come in early and warm up for the Big Dance.

Members will be available to entertain, give directions, give transportation, to offer tid bits of info, or to just hob-knob with those who want to join us. There will be free refreshments for all.

For those coming in from the North, East, South (I-90, I-94. I-57, I-65), and other points in that direction, enter the Dan Ryan X-way, and continue toward downtown Chicago, but exit onto I-290 (Eisenhower X-Way) for the Center. It‘s approximately 8 minutes away. Exit at Homan Ave. and go south, to Arthington Ave. (about 4 blocks). Turn right onto Arthington Ave. for the Center.

For those using I-55, you should exit onto the Tri-State (I-294) and go north. You must use the I-290 exit for your destination, if it's the Extended StayAmerica Hotel. Caution! Be very careful at this Exit. Be sure you get in to the far right hand lane so you can make the proper exit. If you miss it, you will end up at O'Hare Airport, some 20 miles out of the way.

If you are staying at the Extended StayAmerica Hotel (recommended), and you are coming in on Thursday, and if there is time, you can stop by the Center first. The Hotel is only about 15 to 20 minutes away.

For those using I-290 west, remember, you would use Exit 16 (Wolf Rd.) as you continued west on I-290 for the Hotel.

DO HAVE A SAFE TRIP! We will see you then.

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