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The Homan Sq. Pool Checkers and Chess Club
of Chicago
Homan Sq. Community Center
3559 W. Arthington St.
Chicago, IL.
Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri.   2:30 - 9:00 P.M.
Phone - 312-746-6650
Pres.  Charles Thompson


The Chicago Open
April 15, 16 2005
(Address above)

Is the Center Safe?

That question has been posed by several of our potential participants. The President and Tournament Director ‘s answer is an emphatic YES!

The Homan Square community Center is a modern multi-complex building that is less than three years old. The building, which is run by the Chicago Park District, houses a technology center (24 computers), a medical center, a snack shop, a gymnasium (with basketball court), a swimming pool, a fitness center, and multiple rooms for other activities and recreations. The staff, Ms. Portis, and Ms. Tyler (the Center's Directors) has been excellent in providing accomodations for this affair. And, we say thanks!

Being located and surrounded by modern newly built $300,000 town homes and condos, the area could easily be considered the ‘jewel’ of Chicago's West Side-which was devastated by the riots of the 1960s,

The parking lot, which is free, is located to the immediate east and is shared with a newly built YMCA which is also a part of the Homan Square Community complex.

A personal note - I lived, grew up, (less than three blocks from the Center) and worked in this community, perhaps fifty years ago. I viewed the destruction, of the area, first hand and up-front. I can truly say that the recovery has been dramatic and long overdue.

Chicago's Regional Tournament Awaits You!

The president and the tournament director has gather the following information for our visiting guests.

For overnight stay, we offer the following information:

(For Internet User log on to HOTELS.COM for more choices)

Room rates are nightly

C a l l E a r l y !!

Bring the Family!! See the Sights, Before, During, and After the Tournament!

A Bevy of Activity at Club In Prep for Tournament

Indianapolis, Indiana had a contingent of there players to visit during the month. A series of 10 games matches were arranged for the visitors. Results:

Fred Shurn (Chgo)
APCA - Master
(The match was cut short to nine games because of time constraints).
Eugene Hampton (Indpls.)
APCA - Master
Thurman "Chicken George" Earnest (Chgo)
APCA - Master
Rush "West Virginia" Addair (Indpls.)
Mel Mitchell (Chgo)
Fred Carter (Indpls.)
In the two 14 games matches played,
Chas "Pecan" Thompson
APCA - Top Master
Clorius "Mongoose" Lay
APCA - Top Master
Al Lambert
APCA - Top Master
(The match was cut short after 13 games because of time constraints).
Chas Thompson
APCA - Top Master

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