1/1/05 - Editor: C. Thompson
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The Homan Sq. Pool Checkers and Chess Club
of Chicago
Homan Sq. Community Center
3559 W. Arthington St.
Chicago, IL.
Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri.   2:30 - 9:00 P.M.
Phone - 312-746-6650
Pres.  Charles Thompson


Chicago Open Dominate the Minds of Members

The Clubs’ activities are in high gear as members enthusiastically get involved in the different fundraising activities - the Raffle Drive, the Coffee Fund, the Gold Membership, and others. Several members were heard stating "We will double our awards next year"-06.

The first Chicago Open, the first Regional, as we have dubbed it, will be, what we expect, a most enjoyable tournament. We are asking our friends, especially in our Region, (Columbus, Oh., Indianapolis, In., and St. Louis, Mo. to consider attending and to help kick-start the effort. We are also hopeful that others around the country will began preparing for their tournaments in the very near future.

Chicago Open's Officials

With the Club's president trying to position himself to play, by freeing up some of his official responsibilities, two of his able assistants have agreed to serve as Tournament officials. Club Secretary, Mr. Stoney Burke has agreed to serve as the Tournament Director. Mr. Herman Joiner has agreed to serve as the director of the Youth Division and to assist Mr. Burke in his duties.

Regional Tournament Concept

‘An idea whose time has come,’ is how I describe my urging of the Family of Pool Checkers players to try to implement this goal. I have yet to communicate with some of the different regional players and officers, but I do intend to do so in the very near future. Memphis is of a particular interest of mine (smile). I have yet to talk to Mr. Totten about it, but I will be getting in touch with him in the very near future.

Come To Chicago!! is the Theme

For those players, families, and/or just plan observers, we say ‘Come to Chicago.’ The Tournament Director, Mr. Stoney Burke has informed me that he is looking into several possibilities for those who are considering attending. That would include hotel rates, a night on the town, and a possible tour arrangement if a sufficient number of visitors are interested.

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