Edition # 16 - 11/01/04 - Editor: C. Thompson
(A monthly e-mail newsletter-pertaining to activities in the area)
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The Homan Sq. Pool Checkers and Chess Club
of Chicago
Homan Sq. Community Center
3559 W. Arthington St.
Chicago, IL.
Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri. - 2:30 - 9:00 P.M.
Phone - 312-746-6650
Pres. Charles Thompson


The Club Began Preparation for its 2005 City Tournament

At its quarterly meeting of October 2004, the Club's membership authorized its president to begin preparation for the city's first Pool Checkers tournament since 1983. With that authorization, the president said that he would attempt to offer as fine a tournament as the City has had in a long time. The following flyer gives much of the specifics; there will be more in the coming weeks and months.

The Chicago Open
Pool Checkers Tournament
(Where a Champion will be Crowned)
April 15, 16 (2005)
Fri, 9:30A.M - 8:30 P.M. & Sat. 9:30A.M. 4:00 P.M.
The Homan Sq. Community Center
3559 W. Arthington St.
Chicago, IL.
(Phone 312-746-6650)
4 Classes (A, B, C, & Youth)
(You play only the players at your level!)
Cash Prizes and Trophies for winners in first three Places of each
Class (A, B, C)
Certificates/Plaques/Awards for the Youth-
Entry Fee: Class A, $25; Class B, $22.50; Class C, $20
Class-Youth; Free
(Projected Winning Amounts)
Class A; 1st - $150.00; 2nd - $125.00; 3rd - 110.00
Class B; 1st - $115.00; 2nd - $110.00; 3rd - 100.00
Class C; 1st - $100.00; 2nd - $90.00; 3rd - $80.00
Class-Youth - Certificates/Plaques/Awards
Parings: Class-A: (APCA -Top Masters & Masters
(and others designated by committee.)
Class-B: (APCA -Jr. Masters & Gold Bars
(and others designated by committee.)

Class-C: (APCA - Blue Ribbons, local players with ratings below 1200 (10/1/04)
(and others designated by committee.)
Class- Youth: (Young people below age 16) - Certificates/Plaques/Awards for all participants

Also. The Club's Fundraising Raffle will be conducted on Fri. 4/15/05 at 6:30 P.M.
(More details later.)
For more info, contact;
C. Thompson - e-mail; chas8171@aol.com or
Homan Sq. Community Center (Leave message for me).

The Pitt Bulls of Macon, Georgia

Some interesting reading on Pool Checkers players is offered by our friend Mr. Bumpous (filippov) on the Internet. One can go to the Bulletin Board (BB) on the http://www.checkersusa.com/ and view his writings about the activities in Macon, Georgia.

The Regional Tournament Concept

Readers, you can log on to the Bulletin Board (BB) of http://www.checkersusa.com/ to read and/or discuss my ideas with respect to Regional Tournaments. I will offer, what I think, could be some valuable ideas about this previously mentioned item.

Chess Corner

The Chess players are playing, go-as-you-please, and biding their time-as they await their big tournament.
The president has assured them that theirs will be on the agenda next.

The World Championship in Brazil

The 18th World Championship in Brazil was concluded on October 5, 2004. The final standings:
1. Yuriy Anikeev - (Ukraine)
2. Sergey Belosheev (Ukraine)
3. Ion Dosca (Moldova) - Mr. Dosca won the 2000 APCA Championship
7. * Iser Kuperman (USA) - Mr. Kuperman was seven times APCA Champion.

Log on to http://www.checkersusa.com to view the games and comments.