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Edition #3  -   11/03/03   -    Editor:  C. Thompson
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The match between Freddie Owens and Alexander Katz is expected to be very interesting.   While I am not familiar with Mr. Katz's game, I can truly say that Freddie Owens has been a giant in Pool Checkers for a very long time.   For many years, he has played the top Pool Checker players in this country and has held his own.

He was one of the few players, that I can recall, to beat "Buster" in a match.   And many, including myself, declared him the greatest Pool Checker player in America.   Only his subsequent loss to George, "Lil-Geo" Ramsey quieted our echoes somewhat.   My good friend Tip Baldwin, of Detroit, maintained to the end that Freddie was the best player.   Tip had his own spin on what happened in that match. I will share comments by several players with you in some of my later newsletters.

Freddie came to Chicago in 1975 to play in the APCA National tournament and played as fine a tournament as many of us had seen anywhere. While he finished 2nd behind "Buster," (if my memory serves me correctly) he didn't lose a game.  I had the opportunity to play him two games; (I was the Tournament Director). Memory does not reveal to me what happened, but one thing is for certain, I didn't win any games from him.  

I don't think, I've seen Mr. Owens, since that tournament, 28 years ago and consequently I don't know what his skills are today, but I will say this, he will not embarrass himself.  

Finally, congratulations are offered to Mr. Rogers, Mr. Roberts, and others    for their efforts in organizing this great event.   The most important thing here is not who wins or loses, but that the match was made and the participant put on a show for their public.

We Say Best Wishes To Both!!

Legends of "Buster"

The "Pecan Man", Part 3

And so it was, after having lost the first two games, I had a sense that something was up.   The guys in the back of the room was abuzz.  As I finally conceded game three, someone walked in and asked "What is the score?" A player in the back could conceal his anxiety no longer and blustered out, "Buster is killing him."  With that statement, all of my confidence, arrogance, and hope went south.  I then realized I was playing 'The Great Buster."

Games four and five, I lost, without seemingly putting up much of a fight.  Five games played;  five games lost was my way of assessing the outcome.  It was not only a "mug", it was the most embarrassing of "mugs.  As we will see in the coming issues, it's not what "Buster" did to me. But what he did to others, as well,   that made him a legend.

Finally, as I paid my $5.00 to my Dew, and walked out, the owner of the barber shop, Gus Hawkins, said to me, "What happened back there Mr. Thompson?" I replied, "Gus, I couldn't get a "Pecan"- meaning not only could I not win, I couldn't even draw.   From that day on, I became, not Mr. Thompson, but "PECAN"  Each day as I would return to the shop, Gus would hollow out to the guys in the back, "Here comes   the "Pecan Man."    ......To be continued


Mr. Jake Kacher, a very good, Little Board and Big Board player, has produced a web page on checkers, that is not only entertaining but very educational.  If you have not visited it, I would encourage all to do so.   The address is CHECKERS.JKACHER.COM.  And he says he's going to improve on it.  It will be interesting, Mr. Kacher.  I say it's a job that is well done.


New player Mr. Pope, taught the "young bloods" in the club a Pool Checker lesson as he fought his way to the top of week #3 games.  Having played with or alongside of some of Chicago's old-time greats, ies "The Great Gilliam", Professor Jr.", "Rubarb", "Old man Earl ", Vic Krafft, and even "Buster" himself, Mr. Pope survived a devastating 3 for 5 shot-lost to Old Pro. Leon Baynes, to return and win the 2nd game and then to win the division for the week.  Well done Mr. Pope.