The Legend of Buster Smith

Observe, Excerpts from the past...

This article was written by the reporter, Adam Langer, of The Reader, a weekly Chicago newspaper at the time. Take note of the date Friday, February 12, 1993.

Thanks are offered to Mr. Fred D. Shurn, who made this article available to me, (after all these many years), and Mr. Al Lambert, who invited the reporter over to our Club, and escorted him around, for a series of interviews, shortly after Buster's death. Also, thanks to my wife Linda, who retyped this long and lengthy article.

This article consists of about 20 pages. I will offer the rest of it, in increments of two pages, in the coming issues.

Editor's Note: Mr. Thompson started publishing the article in the "20 Greatest" book on the Carl Smith' page on November 15, 2004 and later continued in the December 1, 2004 issue of the "Chicago Pool Checkers News".