July 15 , 2004

Pecan’s -
20 Greatest American Pool Checkers Players
Of All Times
(Written by Charles ‘Pecan’ Thompson)

A Moment of Reflection:

After 12 months of offering my selections of the 20 Greatest Pool Checkers Players of All-Times and the Chicago News on Pool Checkers, I want to, at this time, take this opportunity to pause and make some well-needed comments. When I started these projects, the idea was to use the e-mail route to communicate with my APCA friends around the country. Consequently, a limited number of people, perhaps less than a hundred, would be reading about the activities in American Pool Checkers here in the United States.

But, with the advent of the website http://www.checkersusa.com/, all of that has changed. Now, millions around the world, has access to the same information. For that, I think, we in the America Pool Checkers community, owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Jake Kacher, of Burbank, California for making this possible. With his efforts in establishing his site, the game, our game, is recognized in places unimaginable before.

I first met Mr. Kacher in a year that I have forgotten. On his first arrival in this country (He's from Russia), he lived in Chicago for a brief period prior to moving on to California. On that brief stay, I had the occasion to play him, at our Club, and found out early that he was no stranger to the 64 Square Board.

Mr. Kacher, as many of us already know, is one of the very best 100 Square Board players in this country. He has won the championship two times. Additionally, he is no slouch on the 64 Square Board either. I know of at least one occasion where he finished as high as 6th place in the APCA tournament. This is true even though he rarely plays in that Tournament, When we consider the time he takes away from the game he obviously loves, because of his Site, it's amazing that he continues to compete at the level he does. He finished in a tie for third place in the most recent AICS Tournament held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004. That, I find, is phenomenal.

Having said that, I will take this opportunity to say THANKS JAKE!

Prior to your efforts, our game was mired in relative obscurity. Now it is known and respected World-Wide. By all means continue the great work! And to my readers and friends, I am hopeful you will take a few minutes to e-mail Mr. Kacher to express your appreciation as well.



PS Again, I will be away for the APCA Tournament in Memphis, TN. on 7/11/04 -7/16/04. I can be reached there on my lap top if need be.

My 20 Greatest Issues will resume on August 1, 2004