May 1 , 2004

Pecan’s -
20 Greatest American Pool Checkers Players
Of All Times
(Written by Charles ‘Pecan’ Thompson)
-6th Selection-

#15 - Charlie Brown

Mr. Brown of Baltimore, Maryland, was first noticed here in 1972 at the APCA Tournament in Detroit, Michigan - my first. In that tournament, he finished in a 7th place tie with Victor Krafft. The field was, I believe, among the finest ever assembled at an APCA event. From that field, you will find many of my All-time Greatest. Yet, Mr. Brown was able to distinguish himself in such an august group.

Since it was my first APCA Tournament, I was awed by the field and was perhaps intimidated by many of its players. While I don't recall our head-to-head encounter, I suspect I might have lost at least one game. I finished out of the loop-14th in a field of 28.

Again in 1975, my research has revealed to me that Mr. Brown finished 4th in a field that might have been equally as impressive as the 1972 group. The 1975 tournament was a Chicago tournament, of which I was the director; again, I had an up-close look at Mr. Brown's game both as an official and as a player. From both vantage points, it was impressive.

And finally, Mr. Brown, who I think is called "The Great" out East, might have put on his finest performance in 2002 in Washington D.C. where he finished in a three-way tie for first place. But the story that is not told is what he might have accomplished had there not been an absence from the APCA scene for what seems to me about 20 years. From 1980 until 2000, I couldn't find any documentation of his playing in the annual event.

And so his title, "The Great," is now most appropriate as I place him at the #15 spot of my All-time Greatest.

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#15. Charlie Brown "The Great" - Baltimore, Maryland
#16. Moses "Headchopper" Lightfoot - Macon, Georgia
#17. Charles "Little Charles" McDuffie - St. Louis, Missouri
#18. Tony Rivers- Bronx, New York
#19. George Robinson - Toledo, Ohio
#20. Clyde "King Row" Black - New York, New York