July 1 , 2004

Pecan’s -
20 Greatest American Pool Checkers Players
Of All Times
(Written by Charles ‘Pecan’ Thompson)
-10th Selection-

#11 - Andrew Frazier

Mr. Frazier, is the only player in my selections that I have not met or played. Consequently, my analysis will be on his record and some of the comments that have been made to me over the years. When he entered the APCA fray, I was in the process of taking a hiatus for about ten years. I had left the APCA scene, and tournament checkers, for some well-needed personal reflections.

During that time, Mr. Frazier burst upon the APCA scene. And he played with a rarely seen level of perfection. For a number of years running, I am told, he never lost a game. This was true, It was said, even with giants like Iser Kuperman, and Carl "Buster" Smith still playing. One kibitzer even claimed Mr. Frazier went three years running without losing a single game. While this fact could not be confirmed, it could easily have been the case. I have noted, during the years 1991-93 he finished 3rd once and was in a tie for 1st in the other two years. If that was the case, it indeed, was remarkable!

We do know that during the years from 1987 through 1992 he finished (or tied) for 1st place two times, and in addition, there were one, 3rd, two 5ths, and one 6th place finishes in those APCA tournaments. It seems, Mr. Frazier represented the very finest in Pool Checkers perfection. The standard he set, the bar he raised, seems to have been ones that only a select few players could compete with.

And so, for the player who might have come as close to perfection as we have seen in APCA tournaments, I will select the name of-

Mr. Andrew Frazier as my #11 selection.

#1 ?
#11. Andrew Frazier - Nassau, Bahamas
#12. William "Bill" Langley - Detroit, Michigan 
#13. Ollie "Shot Gun" Howard - Bronx, New York
#14. Victor "Vic" Krafft - Chicago, Illinois
#15. Charlie Brown - Baltimore, Maryland
#16. Moses "Headchopper" Lightfoot - Macon, Georgia
#17. Charles "Little Charles" McDuffie - St. Louis, Missouri
#18. Tony Rivers- Bronx, New York
#19. George Robinson - Toledo, Ohio
#20. Clyde "King Row" Black - New York, New York