International Pool Checkers Composition Contest
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Pool Checkers is one of the three (Russian, Brazilian, Pool) major types of Checkers with flying kings and pieces jumping both forwards and backwards. Pool Checkers is most popular in the United States but it is also played in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas.
All three types are very similar with slight differences in jumping rules.

Contest Goals
The Contest has two categories:
General Requirements:
Special Requirements
Preference - while not a deciding factor, the preference will be given to
Contest Dates and Submission
The Contest dates are September 20, 2011 till July 20, 2012
Submit your entries by December 20, 2011 to:
Via email:
Or traditional mail: A. Kaciuska, Architektu 38-21, 78263 Siauliai, Lithuania - Lietuva
(in later case the date is validated by the post date on the envelope)

Contest Organizers/Coordinators:
J. Kacher (USA), A. Kaciuska (Lithuania)

Contest Jury:
F. Forrest, Jr. (USA), J. Kacher (USA), A. Kaciuska (Lithuania), R. Shayahmetov (Russia)

Selection of the Winners
Awards and Prizes
The announcements, prior and final results will be posted on the Pool Checkers Library web site and also on other checkers sites as possible.

Pool Checkers Numbers
Jumping Rules
Game Rules
Rules In Russian
Contest Announcements in Russian
Note: In case of a dispute the Russian version prevails.