Jake-64 Contest

Most people celebrate the round number birthdays - 30, 40, 50, but for the checker player the magic number is 64!

I want to celebrate my coming 64th birthday in the checkers style - by a Puzzle Solution Contest!
Everyone is invited! Solve as many puzzles as you can, the most important thing is to enjoy and participate.

All positions for the contest were taken from the new Anthology of Checkers Shots just published in Moscow. The book editor Mr. Vasiliy Khristich donates 3 books to the contest winners, and the winner will also get 64 (of course!) US dollars money prize.

We all love to study Russian books, and I believe many people are now very adept at Russian checkers, so much so the contest is split in two sections - 40 puzzles on Pool and 24 on Russian checkers, together 64!

Send your answers to editor@poolcheckers.com by October 1, 2015.
Put as many lines as you can, be sure notation is readable.

Have fun!


TypeMax PointsDiscom1BingwaSacksEnock