Petrov's Triangle

The common rule is that once the three kings are set they have 13 moves to win.
Both Gonyaev' Shtyk and Petrov's Triangle work but Petrov's Triangle is easier to remember.

There are three stages:
Stage 1 - take both double lines.
ga7 2.eg3 ab6 3.gh2 bg1 4.ah8 gc5 5.hg1 cb4

Stage 2 - while on double line take one of tripple lines, this forces the opposing king to leave the other tripple line.
6.ge3! be7
[ 6...bf8 7.hg7 f:h6 8.ec1 h:e3 9.c:h6 ]
[ 6...ba3 7.hb2 a:c1 8.fh6 c:f4 9.h:c1 ]
[ 6...ba5 7.fd6! Important! You set two possible heads of the triangle, with next move the third king will move into the remaining "leg" position.
ad8 ( 7...ae1 8.hf6 ) 8.hc3 ]
7.hc3 Cut the remaining open space on the tripple line ed8
[ 7...eh4 8.ec5 he1 9.ca5 eh4 10.cf2 h:e1 11.fd2 e:c3 12.a:d2 ]

Stage three - set the triangle - it looks like a man with two feet and the head towards the opposing king.
[ 8...da5 9.ce1 ( 9.db4 ad8 10.eb6 d:a5 11.ce1 a:c3 12.e:a5 ) 9...ad8 10.eb6 d:a5 11.db4 a:c3 12.e:a5 ]
[ This also wins 9.db4 hd8 ( 9...hg3 10.ef2 g:e1 11.ba5 e:b4 12.a:c3 ) 10.eb6 d:a5 11.ce1 a:d2 12.e:c3 ]
9...hf6 10.eg5 f:h4 11.dg3 h:f2 12.e:g3 2-0

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